Roof Snow Removal

Mother nature is a serious danger for your roof and building, especially in the winter time. Winter storms can lead to accumulation of large amounts of snow and ice on your roof, pushing your roof to its limits. A failure in the stability of your roof as a result of these storms can lead to building damage, loss of productivity, and the endangerment of people's lives.

Why Does Snow Accumulation Become Dangerous?

One foot of light, unpacked snow weighs nearly 5 pounds per square foot, whereas one foot of heavy, packed snow can weigh 20 pounds per square foot. Your roof was not designed to hold all of this additional weight across its entire surface. Something has to give at this point and it's usually the structure of your roof.

Are There Any Factors That Can Lead To Snow Accumulation Problems?

Although all roofs are susceptible to the dangers of snow accumulations, there are some factors that can increase the odds of this occurring. These are:

  • Low-slope roofs
  • Windblown drifting
  • Multilevel roofs
  • Snow melting and refreezing

What Are The Signs Of Dangerous Snow Accumulation?

Damage occurring from snow accumulation usually doesn't happen from one storm; it's a progressive buildup over time. By not removing the snow promptly, your roof will eventually begin to show these symptoms of roof damage:

  • Newly formed roof deformities
  • Newly formed puddle areas after the snow melts
  • Sagging or bending of metal purlins
  • Popping noises from inside of the structure
  • Leaking

It is important to remove heavy snow before it shows signs of danger. This can be a tedious task for one individual, which is why our team offers snow removal services. We can guarantee that we will remove the snow on your roof before it becomes a high-risk situation.