Roof Repairs

Roof damage is always a major inconvenience. Without experience, finding and fixing the damage to your roof can be an arduous task. There is no complete "how-to" guide for residential roof repair because every repair is different.

What Are The Most Common Reasons For Needing Roof Repair?

Ultimately, leaking is the first form of damage that usually occurs to a roof, making it the most common reason for residential roof repair. The most common causes of leaks are:

  • Flashing Failure - Flashing is a sheet metal, plastic, or composite material that is used on a roof to keep water from entering the home. It is most commonly installed near chimneys and sidewalls. Once flashing begins to fail, leaks will occur.
  • Pipe Boot Failure - Pipe boots are rubber pipes that run up to the roof and are a part of the plumbing system. Rubber cracks after years of sitting outside in harsh weather conditions, resulting in leaks on your roof.
  • Gutter Issues - The clogging or cracking of gutters can lead to water sneaking its way inside your home.

Is A Roof Repair Costly?

The price tag of a roof repair relies entirely on three factors:

  • The steepness of your roof - The steeper a roof is, the more dangerous it is to work on it. Steeper roofs have higher insurance and safety costs and that increased cost gets passed on to you.
  • Whether water damage is present - Small roofing projects can turn into full roof replacement based on the presence of water damage. Water damage causes wood to rot. Rotted wood that is not fixed can lead to additional leaks as well as a potential roof collapse. If water damage is present, your roofing expert will suggest a full replacement.
  • The roofing material - Expensive roofing materials will lead to a bigger price tag. Slate, tile, and metal roofs are all more expensive to fix than wood and asphalt shingle roofs.