Roof Snow Removal

Worried about how much snow is too much for your roof? Wondering if all that snow on your roof could cause your walls to crack, your roof members to sag, or worse yet, a catastrophic collapse of your roof?

If so, we can help protect your property against serious damage caused by excessive snow loads. Our team of experienced, fully insured snow removal experts have the skills and equipment needed to safely clear snow and ice off your roof.

The Dangers of Heavy Snow Loads on Your Home

A build-up of snow on your roof might look pretty, but it can quickly become hazardous. Typical residential roofs are only designed to handle limited snow loads that are spread evenly over the entire roof for a short amount of time.

When a snowfall is followed by heavy rain, or snow melts between snow falls, the weight on your roof can increase significantly, leading to a greater risk that ice dams will form, causing costly water infiltration into the interior of your home.

The heat from inside of your home can also cause snow on your roof to melt, making it heavier - this in turn places a significant amount of strain on the structure of your roof and walls. High winds can also cause drifting snow on your roof, leading to an uneven snow load that can place extra stress on the structure.

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