Roof Replacement

Many of our customers have questions about residential roof replacement before they call us to repair or replace their roof. Some of the more common questions include:

How Long Does a Home's Roof Typically Last?

In most cases, residential roofs last about 20 years. You can tell if your roof needs replaced when shingles start to curl or buckle or your roof is missing just one shingle. This means shingles are disintegrating and can no longer adhere to supporting roof materials. Also, look for shingle granules accumulating in gutters and the tiniest hints of sunlight coming through attic roofs. Call us as soon as possible for a professional evaluation of your roof's condition.

I Have a Small Leak in My Roof. Do I Need My Roof Replaced?

Rotting wood, mold growth and structural compromise are just a few consequences homeowners suffer unless leaky roofs are professionally repaired or replaced. In addition to ceiling stains or a noticeably sagging roof, other signs that your home may have a leaking roof include damp masonry around a brick wall or fireplace, peeling or cracked paint on the interior walls and attic insulation that feels damp.

Why Can't I Repair or Replace a Leaky Roof Myself?

When homeowners engage in "do-it-yourself" roof replacement or repair, problems are likely to arise that would not occur if the leak had been repaired by a professional roofing company. Finding the exact area from where the roof leak originates can be difficult, since the water spot may be several feet away from the place the damage exists. Attempting to repair the leak at the site of the water stain would be useless, leaving the leak to continue doing more damage to your home.

What Kind of Residential Roofing Options Do You Offer?

In addition to offering a substantial warranty on all roofs, we install a wide variety of roof types, from sloped, flat and shingled to TPO and rubber roofs. Talk to one of our residential roof replacement technicians to learn more about replacement roofs for your home.