Roof Installation

Our residential roofers are highly skilled in detecting issues with asphalt, laminated asphalt and fiberglass roofs. If your home is surrounded by towering trees, branches may scrape shingles hard enough to loosen and deteriorate them over time but not hard enough to be heard inside your home. Additionally, leafy tree limbs that hang a few inches above the roof will encourage mildew growth on the shingles and prevent the flow of water off the roof.

Avoiding Roofing Scams

Some of our customers come to us after they have been scammed. Here are some tips to avoid theft from scam roofers:

  • Never talk to anyone knocking on your door who claims to be a roof contractor
  • Never concede to overly aggressive "contractors" who offer limited time specials, deals for senior citizens or who won't leave even after you have told them you are not interested. If you feel intimidated, shut the door and call the police.
  • Never pay for labor or materials in advance. Legitimate roofing contractors generally do not ask for upfront payment
  • Always ask to see licenses, proof of company insurance and a list of references for whom the contractor has done work
  • Ask for a detailed, written contract containing the price on which you and the contractor have agreed
  • Make sure the contractor has a physical address for his business and not just a website address

Safeguard the health and well-being of your family and maintain your home's value by contacting us today for more information about roof inspections and residential roof installation.